I am a Moon Goddess


My period was never regular-regular before I went on the Pill. My cycle was anywhere from 30 to 35 days, with the occasional 40-day thrown in for fun. (Yes, I went forty days and forty nights, and then there was a flood. Ugh!) I did not miss those days at all during the nearly ten years I was on the Pill. In fact, the thought off what my natural cycle would be like was one of the biggest things I was dreading when I started to seriously think about trying to get pregnant.

But, you know what? My cycle has been awesome over the past five months! Not only have I had minimal cramps (at least in my personal experience – someone else may say that they’re bad if she’s never had cramps that made her want to curl up in a ball and die), but my period has come like clockwork. That would be every 28-29 days.

Hmm… You notice that I didn’t say every 28 days. But you know what else happens almost every 28 days, but not quite? The cycles of the moon. That’s right. My cycle has synchronized with the moon. I’ve been ovulating when the moon is full. And that, of course, means that my period has arrived when the moon is new. I hadn’t thought that much about the latter part of the equation. I’d noticed the Full Moon correlation, but I didn’t think about what had happened to either the moon or my body two weeks prior to that.

That is, not until today. According to MyMonthlyCycles.com, the website where I’ve been tracking my cycle, my period was supposed to start on 3/21/2012. And it didn’t. Fine, whatever. I mean, like I said, it’s been every 28-29 days, not every 29 days. It was a little frustrating, though, that it still hadn’t started every time I went to the bathroom at work today. With a sigh, I suddenly made the connection. If I ovulate with the Full Moon, I must have my period with the New Moon. My body must be waiting for the New Moon, not that I could remember when that was. But then I got home, and sure enough, my period started. And, sure enough, when I checked the calendar, the New Moon is today.

Yes, apparently I am a Moon Goddess!


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