High School


One more thing about yesterday.

In the middle of my ultrasound (the fun transvaginal kind), Dr Daly asked me if I remembered high school and the popular girls. He told me I didn’t answer the question when I tried to explain that I went to a small high school, so we didn’t really fill the stereotypes. (The head cheerleader sat in front of me in French class and beside me in AP English.) He did, it turns out, have a logical reason for asking the question.

But first, a biology lesson:

Girls are born with all the eggs they’ll ever need. You are probably aware that we also have more eggs than we wind up having periods, and yet we still, at some point, stop ovulating. Here’s why. With each cycle, multiple eggs start to develop, but typically only one erupts and the rest atrophy. Fraternal multiples come when more than one egg erupts and are fertilized.

I already knew this, but he wanted to explain what I was seeing on the ultrasound.

Ovaries are just like high school, Dr Daly explained. There may be a lot of girls when you start, but there’s ultimately only one Queen Bee.


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