Marathon and Donor Profiles

May 6, 2012

Today was the second running of the Kalamazoo Marathon. I am not a runner. I like to imagine that I am one, but I’m not. I’m a pedestrian. I like walking places. I like living close enough to work that I don’t have to drive most days (at least until winter arrives; I don’t trust myself to walk to work on the ice, nor do I trust the drivers on the roads I have to cross). But I’m definitely not a runner. This is just a long-winded way of saying that I did not run in today’s marathon. But I do have a fabulous (once I took my sewing sheers to the neckline) Kalamazoo Marathon tee-shirt. It proudly proclaims that I was among the hundreds of volunteers working along the course.

Volunteering at the marathon is a blast. It was even better this year because my parents and I got assigned to a water table instead of a Gu-Brew table. Water spilling on your hands is refreshing. Gu-Brew, not so much. We worked the second shift, so I walked the two miles from my house across town to Mayor’s Riverfront Park, stood there for three hours handing out water, and then walked home. It was a beautiful day for the run.

And when I got home, I finally tackled what needed to be done. I went through profile after profile after profile. It was like blind online dating, only hopefully I’ll get pregnant with his genetic offspring without us ever meeting. Who should I “marry”? The one who is Italian and Polish? The med student with the perfect GPA? The artist who also loves physics? My head is swimming! I’m trying to discount people whose parents are younger than mine and only listed as “L&W” (living and well). Why aren’t they listed as being in “excellent” health? I’m also trying to keep an eye on his grandparents’ longevity. If they died young, why? Car accident? Okay, nothing genetic there! Complications from diabetes? I’ll pass.

I’ve narrowed it down to three. Now I just need to pick one…


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