And we’re off!

May 21, 2012

My period started this weekend. I started spotting midday Saturday, and it turned “real” or “full flow” later on. It was too late to call the clinic, assuming they are even open on Saturdays.

Still hadn’t picked a donor. It was crunch time, so Sunday, I finally hunkered down and picked out a profile. His name is FF73. He has blue eyes, but his mother and sister both have green. I confess that was a selling point for me. It would have been even better if he’d had auburn or red hair, but I can live with blond.

I called the clinic this morning, and since I started later on Saturday (was it after 4? – How should I know? It’s not like I looked at the clock!), apparently that means that Day 1 was really on Sunday. (Who devised this system?) I’m to come in for an ultrasound on June 4 or the first day I surge, whichever comes first. Okay.

“What time?” I asked.

“Anytime between 8 and 9:30.”

Are you confused? I was. That doesn’t sound like an appointment to me. “So there’s not a scheduled time?”

No, no there’s not. It’s a cattle call. You show up and are seen in the order you arrive. If you want to get a good time, they recommend getting there by 7:45. I pointed out that I’m driving from Kalamazoo and there’s construction. Chances are good I’ll get there early because I’ll be leaving with plenty of time to spare.

Oh, and one more thing. They don’t order the sperm anymore. I need to do that. Oookay.

So once that call was done, I called International Cryogenics to order two vials of FF73. Thank god for offices with four walls and a door! Naturally, I had to do all of this while I was at work. The woman I spoke with there was amazing. She had a gentle voice and seemed to be one of those people perfectly suited for her job. Think about it. She spends all day talking to women who are having fertility issues. She checked to make sure I’d filled out all the right paperwork. I was pretty sure I had, but since it wasn’t at her fingertips, we couldn’t be certain. I told her that if need be, I could easily print off a new copy and fax it to her that day. She said she’d take my order and call me if it wasn’t in my file. It must have been there because I didn’t hear back from her.

And now I wait. I put up with one more period, and I wait.


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