Happy Birthday to Me

June 5, 2012

Please read that with the correct inflection. Do not read it like it’s some happy-go-lucky, woohoo-it’s-my-birthday, for-she’s-a-jolly-good-fellow thing. Lose the sing-song voice. I want you to read it like you’re Charlotte in A Little Night Music. Read it as a bland, dry, statement of fact. ‘Cause today, the last thing I wanted was to go to work and face a bunch of people who were going to be happy for me, who were going to be nice to me.

Yesterday, let’s face it, was pretty crappy, to use the technical term. And I’m really not in the mood to be around people. Period.

But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (and again and again and again), and I’ll post it on Facebook (again and again and again): My boss rocks. He’s one of the few people I told about just how crappy yesterday was. And I cried. And he gave me a hug, which I really needed.

And I spent most of those tortuous eight hours putting on a brave face and trying not to cry.

It’s funny how sometimes you just feel so upset that people being nice only makes it worse. Eight hours of that. Well, more than eight, if you think about it. I mean, I don’t get paid for my lunch break. Eight and a half hours.

But then, this evening, the universe smiled on me. There were some clouds, and the best vantage point around here was out at the Lake, but I have a computer and internet and NASA TV. Tonight, for the last time in any of our lifetimes (unless science takes a drastic turn and we all start living a reeeeally long time), Venus transited the sun. Today. On my birthday. Like I said, happy birthday to me!


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