Mama Needs to Not Live Here Anymore

June 17, 2012

And by here, I mean my flat in the historic district. My flat (apartment simply doesn’t suit it) that was so charming and perfect when I moved into it eight years ago. My flat where half most of the windows no longer open because the too many layers of paint have melted together over the summers. My flat that is rapidly becoming student ghetto, which is frightening because no students live in the house. (Okay, it’s not my flat that’s becoming student ghetto; it’s my neighbors.) My flat with the furnace that blows heat into the kitchen and the lounge, and barely into the latter, and not at all into the bedroom where it rarely gets up to 60 in the winter. My flat with the parking lot that only gets plowed once a week in the winter after all of the snow has been driven over so much that it’s been compacted into ice. And speaking of the parking lot, my flat with the neighbors whose idea of being considerate is to swap parking spaces so that when their friends park in the middle of the lot (instead of on the street, don’t know about them, but that’s what my lease says) they don’t “block me in”. There are two reasons they don’t block me in. One: I drive a small car, so I can maneuver my way in and out. Two: I usually walk to work between March and November.

And that’s why I don’t want to move. I love being so close to work. One mile there, and then however many miles I wish it to be on the way home. Need to stop at the Food Co-op? That’s okay, I’ll take the three-mile walk home. Bought a new pair of shoes? I’ll take a two-mile walk home through downtown. Beautiful day that it’s a shame to waste? How does a five-mile ramble through WMU’s campus sound? I’ve looked for other flats in my neighborhood. And it appears that the only ones I can afford are just as student ghetto as where I live now.

That’s because there is one more reason that I need to move. I have a one bedroom right now. A very small one bedroom. If baby happens, baby’s gonna need its own room. And if baby doesn’t happen, then I’ll have an office/library/craft room. (Okay, what I really want is at least three bedrooms, but that’s waaaay out of my price range.)

The more I look, the more it appears I have to move away from downtown in order to find a two bedroom I can afford. And I hate the thought of moving away from downtown. I love being within walking distance (AKA a mile – I lived in Rome, I don’t think a mile one way is far to walk for errands). I love walking to my midwife’s office, to the eye doctor, to the shoe store, to get coffee, to rehearsal (if there’s someone to drive me home after). I love walking to work.

But this place… I don’t think I can stand to live here much longer!


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