It’s Down to Two

June 30, 2012

I have two possible flats in mind. One has everything I want in location, or at least as close to everything as I’m going to get until I become independently wealthy and can move into the Skyrise Building downtown. The other has everything I want in amenities and comes highly recommended by my hair stylist who over the years has become my friend and to whom I give full credit for my hair color; she picked it out and was absolutely right about its perfection.

The first is in Parchment, mere blocks from the library and Kindelberger Park. I could walk to the post office, the grocery store, the ATM. My child could walk to school. I’d have family within walking distance, including cousins with a pool they’d happily let me use. (They’re happy to let me use it now, but I have to drive to get there.) I’d have to drive to work, but once I got home… There’s a carport for each unit, a balcony, a washer and dryer. I was in them when they were new, and they were pretty nice. But how well have they been maintained?

The other is in a complex on the west side of town. It’s in a complex, which means swimming pool, 24-hour fitness center and maintenance. I have a friend who already lives there. Balcony, on-site laundry facilities (although not in the unit). It’s not within walking distance of everything, but there are a couple of coffee shops, only one of which is a Starbucks, and the discount book store (which might be dangerous). And some restaurants. And there is a Save-a-Lot if I desperately need to get to a grocery store quickly.

I’m thinking I’ll apply for both and see who can move me in first.

There’s a wading pool in our parking lot now. Because I really needed another reason to move.


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