I say vote yes!

July 4, 2012

Had a bit of fun on Facebook this morning. A friend beat me to quoting from 1776, which led to me and another of that friend’s friends swapping lines from the rest of the show and ending with Abigail and John’s fight over saltpeter versus pins. I won, but of course, I had taken Abigail’s part. <sigh> I’d love to play Abigail. The problem with 1776 is that it has a, well, congress-load of men and only two women. (Okay, I’d love to play Martha, too, but I think I’d make a better Abigail. Don’t worry. I don’t let that stop me from waltzing around the living room while singing “He Plays the Violin” each July.) If you are not familiar with this show, I can’t recommend it enough. Watch the movie. It is comprised of the original Broadway cast. And once that’s given you familiarity enough, buy the original Broadway soundtrack because there’s a song that didn’t make it into the movie that is genius. It’s a minuet sung by the conservatives with a refrain of “To the right / Ever to the right / Never to the left / Forever to the right” and for those of us who are familiar with dancing a minuet, there’s a section where you and your partner hold right hands and walk in a circle, to the right, to the right, and then you pause and do a half turn so that your left hands touch, and then go back to the original position holding right hands, which means you actually dance to the right, ever to the right, never to the left, forever to the right. And it is just brilliant! And if you’re an American history teacher, whip out “Molasses to Rum to Slaves” to explain the Triangle Trade. Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, I LOVE THIS SHOW!

But back to the rest of my day.

As usual, we gathered with my dad’s side of the family. This year, we met at my cousin’s house. Her twins aren’t a year old yet, so it seemed easiest. (Another reason I don’t want to try FSH. My cousin just had twins. Naturally conceived twins. My grandmother, on the other side of the family, had twins. I don’t need drugs giving my body any ideas about making multiples!) I have learned from this cousin. She and her husband dated for many years, so she got into the habit of the pre-emptive strike. She would walk into family gatherings and immediately say, “I would like to announce that I have nothing to announce.” This went on until she showed up wearing an engagement ring. After the wedding, of course, she had to start announcing that she had no pregnancy to announce. Big Catholic families, gotta love ’em!

I walked into the living room, and just about everybody was assembled there, and I immediately said, “I would like to announce that I have nothing to announce.” The cousin described above gave me high marks for my delivery. Hey, I learned from a master. I did tell them that I was trying, but I also said there was no news. I’d just rather not discuss it until there really is something to discuss, like being in my second trimester. And to give my family credit, they didn’t pry. This may not be going as smoothly as I’d hoped, but at least I’m still related to some pretty awesome people. You know who you are. J


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