Happy Place

July 10, 2012

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my midwife’s office? (And I have to smile. I’ve seen multiple midwives at this practice, but I still refer to the office in the singular.) I had a meeting in the building next door, so instead of calling for an appointment with Heather, I decided to just stop in while I was in the neighborhood.

I debated about whether or not to ask to see Brandi this time. I think she should be back from maternity leave. But Heather started this with me, so I decided to ask to see her again.

There’s a warmth to the office. I don’t know if it’s the décor or the lights. Maybe it’s the 3-D ultrasound photos (one of the nurse’s ultrasounds if I remember correctly). It’s definitely the staff. I always feel like everyone, the nurses, the midwives, the receptionist, everyone cares. They’re either all really good actors, or they’re all really and truly sincere. (Aw, man, and now I have “Sincere” from Bye, Bye, Birdie stuck in my head. You’re welcome.)

And Heather has an opening in two weeks, in the afternoon, late enough that I don’t have to leave work early for it. No clue what she’ll say, but at least I know she’ll listen.

Side note: It was really weird to walk through the hospital wearing my new WMed ID. We didn’t have photo ID before we became WMed on July 1. I feel all official now!


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