July 20, 2012

I’ve been a Day-Timer user for about as long as I can remember. Since the third grade, maybe? That’s right. I was the nerdy eight-year-old with a day planner. It’s what my family did; we all had planners. (Perhaps it’s telling that I recall third grade as being when I got my first planner. That’s when my brother started middle school and needed to keep track of multiple classes.) The joke in our family was always that we didn’t have to remember things; we had planners. Our planners were our brains. It didn’t take long for us to start calling them anything but brains. So when I talk about my brains, I’m referring to my planner.

I used nice portable-size brains for many years. In college, I upgraded to the large folio size. They were luxurious. Enough room to keep track of all of my reading assignments. (Classics major, remember? I’ve read the Odyssey six times.) I eventually determined that I didn’t really need brains that bulky in my current job, so I downsized back to the portable size. And I found the perfect pages. They were week-at-a-glance, but the entire week was on one page, and the facing page was blank for notes, to-do lists, you name it. And it had sections on that page for mind, body, and soul. I loved these planner pages. So, naturally, they were discontinued after two years. I muddled through with other week-at-a-glance pages, but I was still looking for pages that were as good as the discontinued ones. Sure, I have a smartphone. I could use an electronic calendar. But I still like my paper brains. I like the tangible feeling of writing appointments down on paper.

And then the June Day-Timer catalog came. And it had a page I’d never seen before. A page touting Mom Planners. There are two versions. The Mom Planner and the FamilyPlus™ Planner. And, trust me, it wasn’t because of my current attempts to get pregnant that they caught my eye. It was the fact that the FamilyPlus™ Planner has a section for meal planning.

And then my “renew now” notice came. And the FamilyPlus™ Planner comes in 18 months, so I could get a July 2012 start and still have a full 2013 calendar. Needless to say, I ordered them, portable size, in purple. And they arrived today. And I think I’m in love. My new brains are perfect. They were designed with the thought that you’d have a column for you and a column for hubby and a column for Brother Bear and a column for Sister Bear. Yeah, right. I have a column for work and a column for personal appointments and a column for my workout schedule. There’s a small menu planning section with a large unlined notes section next to it. I’m using that entire section to plan lunch and dinner. These brains are awesome.

I should probably add that I have no financial relationship with Day-Timer. (This is how you can tell what I do for a living. CME requires that disclosure occur at every activity, even if it is simply to disclose that you have nothing to disclose.)


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