Good Training for that Pharmacy Student

July 25, 2012

I could tell the office was a little frustrated with me when I called. After all, my period started on Sunday and it’s now Wednesday. But I did what Heather told me to do. I told the nurse that I did not want to try drugs until I’d had the chance to try to get pregnant without them. Isn’t there a compromise that we can reach? And I didn’t cry, at least not much. I know I teared up, but I held it together while I was on the phone. (Thank you, WMed, for giving me an old dorm room for an office so that I can have a door to close when I really need to be alone!) And she listened. And I felt like she understood where I was coming from. And she said she would talk to the doctor and call me back.

And she did call back with a compromise. Drugs, yes. FSH, no. And more importantly, no needles. We’ll try Femara this month. (The doc keeps calling this drug “femora” which drives me nuts because it has nothing to do with femurs! That and I had to Google it when I got the prescription home because I was afraid they’d given me the wrong thing.) I totally wasn’t thinking when I told her which Walgreens to call it in at. I said the one in Parchment because that’s where all of my records got transferred to when Suburban Drug, our beloved small town pharmacy, closed. (My entire family went there. I once was rung up for $100+ because I said “Beth” and my great-aunt Elizabeth had a prescription that hadn’t been picked up yet and they thought I meant her. We got that straightened out pretty quickly.) I completely forgot that there was a closer Walgreens I could have stopped at on my way home.

But I’m glad I gave the Walgreens that was not as directly on my way home. I probably wouldn’t have a charming story about picking up my prescription otherwise. I was helped by a student from the University of Chicago School of Pharmacy. I know this because that’s what his nametag said. He checked the label on the prescription and said that he just needed to check with the pharmacist before I left. I really should have taken the time to ask how he wound up at this particular Walgreens for his internship. Did he get to choose? Or maybe I should have asked him what his preferred pizza was. Was he a Giordano’s man? It probably wasn’t that long of a wait, but it sure felt that way. And when the pharmacist was finally free, he asked, “Are you pregnant?”

“No,” I laughed, “that’s what that is for!” I pointed at the prescription bag. There was an older woman, in her 50s or 60s (so by older I mean “older than me”) at the next register. She chortled, too.

“It’s very important that you do not get pregnant while on this,” the pharmacist persisted.

“I won’t,” I confirmed. I only have to take it for five days. I won’t be on it by the time of my next ultrasound and (fingers crossed) insemination.

And that poor pharmacy student… Bless his heart… I wonder if he was just too embarrassed to ask me that himself…


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