Am I on Scrubs?

August 7, 2012

Something I forgot to mention yesterday. This nurse? The one I’d put on my independently wealthy person’s short list of phlebotomists to keep on retainer? Her name is Carla. I have my very own Carla! Now if only she were a sassy Dominican… (I can remember that thanks to “Scrubs: The Musical”. “For the last time, Turk, I’m Dominican!” Probably makes more sense if you’ve seen it. It is one of my favorite episodes.)

That will keep me smiling. When in doubt, I just need to remind myself that I have a Carla. I have a Carla who listens to what I have to say. I have a Carla who will intercede on my behalf. And I have a Carla who’s a damned good phlebotomist!

I’ve long said that Scrubs was the best television representation of a residency program. And now life is imitating art.


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