Bye-bye, Yarn Budget

August 17, 2012

It’s Fiber Fest time! Okay, so the official name is Michigan Fiber Festival these days, but those of us who remember it from when it used to be held in Kalamazoo still call it Fiber Fest. Not that the Allegan County Fairgrounds are a bad location.

It’s always a toss-up. Do you go on Friday when admission is free but the animals haven’t arrived yet? Or do you go on Saturday, spend $5 that could go towards yarn, but get to see sheep and goats and alpaca and angora rabbits? We usually opt to have five extra dollars for yarn. And then this year, they changed on us! Admission on Friday turned out to be $3. My mom and I concurred that next year, we’ll pay two more dollars to go on Saturday and see the sheep. And goats. (I love goats! I had a friend who had goats and I used to goat-sit when she went on vacation. I’ve had a soft spot for goats ever since.)

This was Issa’s first Fiber Fest. I think she enjoyed it, but I think she might have been a little overwhelmed, too. Fiber Fest does that to a person. There’s just so much lovely yarn that you really need to hit all the vendors twice, once to scope it out and again to actually buy. I recommend bringing cash and leaving your credit cards at home. Much easier to stay on budget that way! (I still went a little over. It was only about $10, but still I had to dip into my purse for non-Fiber Fest cash.)

It’s only once a year, which is good because all of my yarn money gets spent here. But I always bring home such wonderful treasures. Beautiful sock yarn. Magnificent gossamer lace yarn. The perfect sweater lot. Just about everything I knit for myself comes from my Fiber Fest yarn. Expect for socks. I have a tendency to knit them a little too long. My mom likes this fact. It usually means they wind up fitting her. But that’s okay. She has a tendency to knit hers too short. It all works out in the end.

Happy knitting, everyone!


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