In Which I am Spoiled Rotten

August 30, 2012

I have an awesome massage therapist. The fact that her youngest was good friends with my brother when growing up and I gave not only all three of her children but her entire neighborhood the chicken pox when I was six months old probably plays a major part in just how much she spoils me. I don’t think I ever paid full price for a massage when I was in college. It was always the “exam discount” even if it was July and I was home for the summer. My favorite time was when she said, “I have some bags for the clothing loop in my trunk. If you take them off my hands, I’ll give you the massage for free.” This translated to a free massage AND free clothes! Even after I’d graduated, when I was teaching 8th grade, she’d give me the “exam discount” because I was a teacher which meant I still had to grade tests. (She knew I had no money.)

So in short, Mary is awesome and generous and I shouldn’t have been at all surprised by this. She’d been talking to my mom who was telling her about my life at the moment. And I’d forgotten that one of her daughters had dealt with fertility issues, too. And she wanted to help. She wanted me to see her. She knew I needed a massage.

I texted her that I have an ultrasound tomorrow. She had an appointment open in the afternoon, so we planned on that. Well, I was just opening my car door to head home from work today when my phone rang. It was Mary. Could I possibly switch and see her today? Maybe now? Absolutely not a problem, I agreed. I said I’d be there in 15 or 20 minutes. And we did agree that it was definitely better this way. For one thing, the client who she normally sees on Thursdays who suddenly realized he had a conflict was thrilled to be able to switch to Friday. And for another, it was better to get the massage in advance of the ultrasound instead of after. She worked on my yin, to increase that female energy as much as possible. (Is that my problem? I have too much yang?) And then she gave me prenatal flower essence in which she’d blended her own essence of wild pomegranate.

And she charged me nothing. Makes a girl want to cry. If nothing else comes out of this process, I will always cherish how much people have demonstrated that I am loved. And just a little bit spoiled.


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