Now This is What I’ve Been Waiting For!

August 31, 2012

Or at least mostly.

Ultrasound this morning. Big, beautiful follicle. My mom has a better vantage point than I do, and she says the doctor even looked excited by what he saw.

There’s just one little catch. It’s Labor Day weekend. As in, “We’re closed on Monday so come back on Tuesday even though I think you’re going to ovulate on Sunday.” (If sperm stays in the system for three days, why not inseminate today? Sunday is only two days away!) But either way, he wants me to do an hCG injection at 10pm on Sunday. (So, yes, even if I have a positive OPK on Sunday, I still need to jab myself with a needle.) The nurse gave my mom and me the lesson on how to do the injection. You know that thing where victims of violence may not be able to describe their attacker but can describe the weapon in great detail? I don’t remember looking at the nurse at all as she was explaining. I was too busy staring at the needle.

And this, of course, is not a drug found at your local Walgreens. There is a specialty pharmacy in Grand Rapids that stocks it. And it’s fairly close to the fertility clinic. Or at least it’s fairly close if you know which side of the street to look on. It turns out that it’s not the right. And I had my mother AKA the Geographer navigating. I’m not sure what her superpower is, but it’s not reading maps. Okay, I have to give her some credit. She’s not a bad navigator if she has time to prep. She just gets turned around easily when she’s navigating on the fly. It was when she had us heading across the river that I knew we needed to turn around. And in both of our defenses, the nurse did say that the pharmacy was on the right. And in her defense, after we turned around and were heading back in the direction of the clinic, it was on the right. It’s in this little building that we would have missed for a second time had I not noticed that it said “PHARMACY” in large letters near the roof. That was seriously the only obvious indicator that we’d found the place.

It’s a charming little pharmacy. Reminds me a bit of Suburban in Parchment before they closed. I particularly liked that they had a sign asking people to wait there until the customer at the counter was finished. I even told the pharmacist that I liked the “HIPAA-Distance Sign”. She said people don’t really pay any attention to it. I told her that I still appreciate the attempt. The syringe, of course, needs to be kept cold, so they gave me a, in the scheme of things, giant cooler with a really nice ice pack. (The cooler is about a one foot cube for one teeny tiny syringe, including packaging.)

I dropped my mom off at home and went to work for a few hours. I’m getting tired of using my PTO on days I go in for ultrasounds when nothing else happens. I’ll still have to use some PTO today, but at least it won’t be 8 hours’ worth.


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