Finally! Something Resembling a Vacation!

September 12, 2012

Oh, you thought I was going to say I was pregnant, didn’t you? Sorry. I thought it was clear from previous posts that this past cycle was a no-go. Nope. My parents and I are headed to visit my brother and his family in sunny Virginia. And since school has started, this means we’ll have some time to sightsee by ourselves.

And the best part is that I get to sleep in the back seat while my dad does all the driving. My mother and I have both said that we have our driver’s licenses. If he wants one of us to drive, we can. (But we’re both happy to let him drive as long as he’s happy to do it. He does have a time limit, though. After about eight hours, it’s clear that it’s time to stop. Or at least time to let someone else drive.) We’ll be stopping overnight in Pennsylvania. This means my mom and I can indulge in one of our favorite travel pastimes: the Food Network. Neither of us gets this channel. Okay, I actually don’t get any channels these days. Free Wi-Fi, remember? My TV is so old that I would have needed a converter box when television went digital except I had cable at the time. There will be Olympics again in two years. I may have to buy a new TV then.

This is how my family chooses to buy new TVs. It’s always about the Olympics. We got a color TV for the ’88 Olympics. (That’s right. We still had a black-and-white set until 1988.) I bought my current TV for the 2000 Olympics. (My students were relieved to hear that I finally had a television, but they thought it was pretty weird that the reason I bought it was so that I could watch the Olympics.)

Anyway, my mom and I both love the Food Network, and hotels frequently have it in their channel line-up. We happily gorge on a couple hours of “Chopped” or “Cupcake Wars” before bed. As far as we’re concerned, the reason to stay in hotels is to watch Food Network. And if they’re showing something we don’t like, there’s always the real estate porn that is HGTV.

And I’m on vacation. If I stay up a little too late tonight watching Food Network, I can always sleep in the car as we drive the rest of the way to Virginia. And, you know what? Even if I don’t stay up too late tonight, I think I’ll still take a nap in the car. Isn’t sleep what vacations are for?


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