Lucky Eight

October 2, 2012

Did I mention that my complex has a three-day grace period for rent? Not that I planned to ever have to use the grace period. But yesterday I left before the office was open and got home long after it closed. Wait, I should probably explain more because you’re probably wondering why I didn’t just drop a check in the box. We can pay by credit card at the office. Sure, we can do it online, too, but there’s a fee. There’s no fee if you take your card to the office. In my case, I use my debit card, which is just like paying by check only without having to write a check.

Not that it really mattered this month anyway. You see, my move-in special was one month free. I paid for all of August, so I paid a prorated rent for September, which meant I could use my free month in October. But I did still need to let them know that I was using my free month, and I decided that I’m already tired of the parking lot and would like to pay the $20 each month for a carport. It’s not that there aren’t enough parking spaces. It’s just that they’re really narrow. I drive a Honda Civic, by the way. And I think the parking spaces are narrow.

Not in the carports, though. (Please skip to the next paragraph if you’re getting tired of Seinfeld references.) Remember the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer adopts a section of highway and paints over half the lines so that the lanes will be roomier? The difference between the regular parking spaces and the carport ones is like that.

I asked about a carport, but I added the caveat of “only if there’s one near my building”. She apologized that the carports directly in front of my building were full, but the next one over, in front of the clubhouse, had space. I told her I considered that to be near my building. (You may recall that my building is right next to the clubhouse.) She said that she was going to give me number eight. (Oh, and I forgot to mention that she never asked my name or which building I was in. She remembered me. I love this place!)

It wasn’t until I was backing in to my new roomy parking space that I remembered that eight is a lucky number in China. And while I know that it’s nothing more than a superstition, it still made me happy. The universe knew I was needing a little luck, and now I put my car in its lucky place every day.


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