October 3, 2012

Allow me to make a brief detour into the world of OPKs. I was pleased when the fertility clinic suggested the generic Meijer-brand OPKs. Even the generic ones aren’t exactly cheap, so I was happy for the savings. However, I have found them to be impossible to read.

OPKs in general aren’t the easiest thing in the world to read. Unlike a pregnancy test, two lines aren’t necessarily positive. You have to compare the color of the test line to the color of the control line. Whenever I got two lines on a Meijer OPK, the test line was a gradation. What is that supposed to mean? Do I read the darkest part of the line or the lightest? How am I supposed to tell if it’s positive or negative?

And, at least for me, this appears to be a Meijer OPK issue. I bought First Response (AKA the test to which Meijer suggests you compare theirs) and was able to read the tests with no problem. That line is definitely lighter. That line is definitely darker. For some reason, probably fiscal, I bought Meijer OPKs again last month. And I honestly couldn’t tell you if I had a positive test. I mean, I think I did, but I’m not sure.

So, yes, try the generics. They are a lot cheaper than the brand name. But if you’re having a hard time reading the results, I suggest shelling out the extra money for a different brand. It’s made things a lot simpler for me.


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