Back in High School, You Were Square

October 8, 2012

Some of you might recognize that as the, um, little known lyrics to the Jeopardy theme song. And for those of you who haven’t heard Christine Lavin’s “real” lyrics to the Jeopardy theme song:

Back in high school, you were square,
Carried books and slide rules everywhere.
You scored straight A’s year after year.
They called you geek; they called you queer.

For everyone who laughed in your face,
Now’s your chance to put them in their place.
‘Cause you’re on a TV show
Where your big brain wins big dough.

Boom. Boom.

You’re welcome. Feel free to sing along whenever you hear that music in the future. I have a tendency to do so. Or at least to sing along in my head. Unless I am working really hard to figure out the answer to Final Jeopardy.

I bring this up because Stephanie Jass, who I know from doing theatre way back when she was a student at WMU, makes her first appearance on Jeopardy tonight. My one difficulty with this is that I don’t have a TV. I mean, I have a TV, but it doesn’t work. Or rather, it works just fine for playing videos or DVDs, but it doesn’t work so well, or rather at all, as a TV. In short, I can’t watch Jeopardy at home. Fortunately, Julie, a mutual friend and the person who deserves full credit for letting all of us know that Stephanie is going to be on in case we either hadn’t heard or had forgotten, is hosting a viewing party tonight. I’m still not sure what I’ll do tomorrow if Stephanie wins…


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