That Was More Eventful Than It Should Have Been

October 16, 2012

First an update on the fertility front (since that’s what this blog was supposed to be about anyway). First day of my cycle today. (Okay, I would count the spotting yesterday, but again they’re weird.) Even though I’ve clearly stated that I’m not going to take FSH until we try using just the Femara, the doctor still wants me to have a blood draw tomorrow to check my FSH level. The nurse is calling in my prescription to Walgreens. The good news is that she called me back to say that I don’t have to drive all the way to Grand Rapids for the blood draw. My first thought was that I’d just go down to the lab at work, but they only do blood draws that were ordered by one of our physicians. (They used to do other draws. I’m guessing that went away when we stopped getting professional courtesy at the clinic.) After that, I was hoping my GP here in town could do it, but since he’s not the one who referred me, they won’t. So I’ll go to the walk-in lab at Bronson. That’s better anyway. Not as nice as if I could have done it at work, but a lot closer to work than my GP’s office.

And now the really important update. Stephanie’s Jeopardy streak continues! She is now the longest-winning female contestant in Jeopardy history. And she and her husband came into town to watch today’s episode at Julie’s. Needless to say, party at Julie’s house! And the good news is that there’s a TV in the “fitness center” at my apartment complex. (Fitness Center is really a glorified name for a closet with some weights, an elliptical, and two treadmills.) I learned this from Yalanda at my hair appointment on Saturday. (What’s sad is that I’ve seen her twice since I moved and both times have been at her salon. We live one building apart. We have no excuse.) So yesterday, I did not need to impose on anybody. Instead I went to the fitness center and spent 30 minutes on the elliptical. I have a blister on my big toe from Kat’s wedding. I plan to use the treadmill tomorrow. I think that won’t hit the blister quite as much as the elliptical did.

But I digress. The point is that Stephanie was in town. We had a blast watching the episode with her. She told us backstage stories. She corrected Alex on more than one point. (FYI, she never said that people teased her about being a dumb blonde.) I recommend liking her Facebook page: Stephanie Jass, Jeopardy Champion. And then we all went home. Or most of us did. Minnesota good-byes and all.

There were just a handful of us left when Stephanie and her husband went to get in their car and smelled smoke coming from the garage. I was a minute or two behind them out the front door, and they were opening the garage door as I walked outside. They quickly moved their car so that Asa, Julie’s husband, could get their van out of the garage. (Attached, of course. An important detail.) I ran back inside to yell for everyone to get out of the house. One of the other women realized that the toddler had been put to bed and ran in to make sure we hadn’t forgotten him while the other adults were shepherding the rest of the children outside. (Okay, that makes it sound like Julie and Asa have a brood; they only have three including the toddler. A couple of Julie’s students had stopped in to meet Stephanie. I’m counting them in the “children” category as opposed to the “adult” category. I suspect they’d prefer “teenager”.) Julie called 911 while some of the adults tried to isolate the fire. It turned out some things had been stacked too close to a bare bulb, got too hot, and ignited. The fire was out by the time the police got there, let alone by the time the firefighters did. We did our best to reassure the boys that everything was going to be okay and that the firemen wouldn’t let them back in the house unless it was safe. They’d gotten over most of the excitement by then. This was obvious when the middle boy said that the first thing they had to do when they were allowed back inside was brush their teeth.

We were right. The fire was out. There was no damage to the house. The door between the house and the garage was never opened, so the smoke, too, stayed in the garage. The police told the firefighters that the truck wasn’t needed. I’m not sure if one of them had overheard the middle boy’s comment. I like to think he didn’t because that makes it even funnier to me. As he got into the truck, he called out to the boys, “Brush your teeth!”

Obviously, this is much more excitement than Julie and Asa had planned on providing their guests. At the same time, we’re all glad that we were there tonight. If we hadn’t been, there’s a good chance the family would have been in bed. They caught the fire very early because they had company. Everyone is safe and sound and ready to watch Stephanie on Jeopardy again tomorrow.


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