But What Does That Mean?

October 17, 2012

I had my blood draw this morning. Honestly, the best reason to go to the lab is that you get your blood drawn by a phlebotomist. That’s all they do, day in, day out. They just draw blood. So they’re really good at it. Not that I’m going to suddenly start looking. And it’s not like it’s painless. Hurt is probably too strong of a word, but it’s still somewhere in between “pain” and “no pain”.


Here’s the weird part. I never got my test results. I mean, the doctor called, but he didn’t tell me what the results were. Instead he told me that he’d been going over my chart and he wanted me to start the Femara on Friday instead of Saturday. (That’s good. The nurse told me to start it on Friday.) And that he thought I should come in for an ultrasound the following Friday. (Also what the nurse and I had decided on.) And that was it. So, yes, I’m a little confused. Does this mean he forgot why he was calling? Does this mean he’s just not going to tell me because I told him that I didn’t care what the results were at this stage but that I’d do the test so that we had that information if we needed it at a later cycle? Does it mean that my results were perfectly normal so he can’t figure out what they mean? I have no clue.

And in bittersweet news, Stephanie lost tonight. I’m sad that she won’t be on Jeopardy anymore, but I’m glad that I don’t have to seek out a TV at 7:30 each evening anymore. It was a great run. We should see her on the Tournament of Champions.


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