Well, It’s Been a Long, Been a Long, Been a Long, Been a Long Day

October 26, 2012

My parents came back from my brother’s yesterday so that my mom could be here to go to Grand Rapids with me. I’m relieved. I could have asked someone else to come with me, but I had a slight scheduling snafu. I had to be in East Lansing for work by 1:30. This did not leave a lot of time to drive from Grand Rapids back to Kalamazoo and then on to East Lansing. My mom wouldn’t have a problem sitting at the conference center while I was in my meeting. My friends… Even if they said it was okay, I’d still feel guilty. Unlike my mom, they aren’t retired.

As usual, I left my place by 6:15 this morning. I was second in line. And the ultrasound was great. I don’t have a good vantage point, but my mom said the doctor looked excited when he saw the follicle. He asked if I was available to come back tomorrow. I was caught off guard, so however I said “yeah” didn’t seem clear enough to him and he asked again. It’s finally going to happen. We’re finally trying! But just to make sure I ovulate at the right time, I needed to do an hCG injection, stat.

We had no problem finding the pharmacy this time. They had maybe been open five minutes when we walked in. I asked if there was somewhere we could go so that my mom could give me the injection, somewhere she could wash her hands. They gave us the bathroom key, a couple of alcohol swabs, and a Band-Aid. (Okay it wasn’t actually a Band-Aid. It was some other brand. It’s in my purse just in case I need it. It will be my adhesive bandage of last resort. I am very brand loyal when it comes to Band-Aids.) This time it was not nearly as eventful as the first time. Of course, I never really saw the needle this time. My mom prepped it herself. It’s amazing how much faster it goes when someone who can look is taking care of it. We gave them the used sharp to dispose of when we returned the bathroom key.

And then we were off to figure out how to get from that part of Grand Rapids to I-96. The new Apple maps aren’t nearly as good as the old Google maps were, but they did not fail us today. My mom did get confused as we were approaching Lansing, but by then I recognized highway numbers and street names and could get us to MSU’s campus with no problem. We had some time to wander, so we did as knitters do and located a yarn shop. (We plan to remember where this place is as a recommendation for my DD Conference attendees. We had several knitters in the group last year.) And then we went to lunch. And then we went back to Kellogg. We have to pay to park for these planning meetings, so we didn’t want to get to the parking structure too early.

And about two hours later, it was back to the car and back on the road to drive home to Kalamazoo. The best part about having my mom was that she could show me where to get off at Battle Creek to take the back route home. I always want to do this, but I’m never sure exactly which exit to take. I usually wind up getting off at Augusta or 35th Street. My mom’s route avoids a lot more traffic.

I stayed for dinner at my parents’, so by the time I got home, it was after 7.

And tomorrow? I need to be in Grand Rapids by 9. To quote How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, it’s been a long day! And I get to drive some more tomorrow. At least I stopped for gas on the way home from East Lansing. One less thing to worry about in the morning.


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