Dr Z Disappoints

October 31, 2012

Disappoints is probably too strong of a word. I mean he did give me advance (by which I mean yesterday) notice. And I told him that I was disappointed. I was so looking forward to him being at work today. You may recall that I’m HAL 9000 for Halloween this year. (Ooo! Maybe I should start calling it HALloween!) I’d planned to spend the entire day telling Dr Z everything I can’t let him do. And he has the nerve to take the day off! Instead I had to tell the housekeeper I couldn’t let her do that (she thought it was pretty funny) and half of the accounting department I can’t let them do that (one of them was familiar with neither the book nor the movie and had no clue what I was talking about). I somehow managed to see no members of our IT department. I was most looking forward to that, too. A third of them are named Dave. Seriously. And I don’t mean we have three IT people and one of them is named Dave. We have multiple Daves in our IT department. Which is AWESOME!

But I still happily wore my HAL 9000 shirt and was subtly dressed for Halloween. I like that aspect of this costume. People get it or they don’t. It’s a great way to seek out kindred spirits.

Oh, and one more thing about Dr Z. Before he left yesterday, but after I told him I was disappointed I wouldn’t be able to tell him he couldn’t do things today, he asked again when I have my pregnancy test. He was thinking it was on Friday. I reminded him that I had to wait two weeks, so it wasn’t until next Friday. He told me he wasn’t sure that was acceptable. He’s going to be in Florida. He doesn’t like the idea of me having that test when he’s not here. Do I have the number for his cell? (That’s a laugh. I have it memorized. We go to conferences together. It’s programmed in my cell.) Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be calling him with the results. Yes, he will be among the first to know. He’s my boss. He approves my PTO. He’s the one who needs to know that I’ll be in late. But I’m not sure he needs to know quite that quickly.

And just to keep really driving me crazy, I’m putting meaning into everything my body does right now. I woke up at 4:15 this morning feeling incredibly nauseated. Morning sickness? (No, it’s too early for that. It hasn’t even been a week. I swear it’s been four years, but it’s really only been four days.) And then around 10 this morning, I felt a particular twinge in the center of my lower abdomen. It seemed different than the aches I’ve been feeling since Saturday. Implantation? I seriously have got to stop thinking so much!

But back to the joy that is Halloween. And a particular Halloween joy around here is trick-or-treating at Plainwell Ice Cream. It’s the last day they’re open for the season. They really do actual trick-or-treating if all you want is a baby scoop. My parents and I call it dinner. We go for more than a baby scoop, so we do have to pay. It is the best people-watching. It’s great fun to see what all of the kids have come up with for costumes, and most of the adults show up in costume, too. (All of the employees are in costume as well, just in case you were wondering.) There was one boy who stole my heart. My parents didn’t recognize who he was supposed to be until I told them.


(Thought I should give you some warning.)

He was…

Are you ready?

Lando Calrissian.

Right down to Billy Dee Williams’s little mustache. I kept looking at him and thinking he looked so familiar. And then he turned, and I saw the mustache, and I said, “He’s Lando!” (The fact that his brother, or at least I’m guessing it was his brother, was Chewie should have given me a faster track to Star Wars.)

It was seriously the best costume. I mean, the Wookiee costume was pretty good, but they nailed the Lando costume. And, of course, it just warmed the geeky cockles of my geeky little heart to see a ten-ish-year-old boy dressed as one of the slightly less well-known Star Wars characters.


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One response to “Dr Z Disappoints

  1. Maria

    Lando Calrissian is my favorite Star Wars character. That kid is awesome!

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