I Hereby Proclaim the NaNo of the Blog

November 1, 2012

I have a confession to make. I haven’t written anything, or at least much of anything, for the blog since June 4. All of the posts you’ve been reading since then (or rather that are dated since then) have been written in November. Well, all except for one. “This is Why I’m Not a Nurse” was written shortly after my failed attempt to give myself an hCG injection. The rest of it? Comprised of my notes, my memories, and flipping through my Brains to remind myself of the dates things actually happened. I am so far behind. And Thanksgiving means seeing family, and family means people asking if I’m pregnant. And the blog gives me an excuse to not answer. But in order for me to use that excuse, the blog needs to consist of more than three posts.

And since I have entered November with absolutely no idea on what to write for a novel, I’ve decided to dedicate my writing this month to my blog. I shall get caught up on writing blog posts. I shall get caught up on posting old blog posts. (And by caught up, I of course mean up to three months ago. I’m still not letting you on this journey as I’m living it. Just not there yet.) And if I run out of posts before I hit 50k, I shall write something else to round it out. I shall then invoke the “Luddite Clause” for my word count verification. Some people choose to do their NaNoing by hand. (These people are crazy. I’m all for writing longhand. I still do it from time to time. But not when I need a word count. I have done NaNo in my dressing room in the past, but this was always followed by typing up what I wrote in order to have a word count. I would have considered using my laptop, except I didn’t have one at the time.) The Luddite Clause says to have someone else check your math. I figure Word and Excel are doing that for me. I’m taking each post’s word count from Word, putting it in Excel, and Excel is adding them up for me. I then just need to generate something with the number of words that Excel says I have written. That document can then be uploaded for word count verification and entry to the winner’s circle. They suggest the Lorem Ipsum generator. This suits the girl who got a degree in classics because it would be fun. (Yes, if any of you were wondering how I wound up with a degree in classics, well, now you know. And for the record, it was a blast!)

So it is once again November. It is once again National Novel Writing Month time. I’m just not writing a novel. Think of it more as a memoir. And maybe someone will pick up on this blog and decide it should become a book. It probably all depends on what happens. The good news is that this will help distract me. My pregnancy test isn’t until the 9th. I hope this will give me a lot of other things to think about while I wait.

I have, however, discovered something that might not be so good. As you know, I have free Wi-Fi at my new place. I’ve noticed that the signal in my bedroom isn’t that great on my phone, so I’ve been watching Hulu in the living room. But it turns out that my computer picks up the signal in my bedroom just fine. This is great because it means I can write in bed. I can post in bed. I can update my word count on the NaNoWriMo website in bed. It also means Mama can take her computer and watch The Daily Show in bed. That will be useful if I ever have a child. (Just ask my mom. She and my dad used to move the TV into their bedroom to watch Hill Street Blues. Oh, the ’80s!) In the meanwhile, I might have been better off not knowing this. Screens are supposed to be bad for sleep hygiene. And now I have the internet in my bedroom!


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