Post-Election Knitting Knonsense

November 7, 2012

Thank you, Jenny, for that name. Jenny’s been too busy to make it to many of our Sunday stitch-‘n’-bitch meetings, so she’s reinstituted Mondays. Yes, today is Wednesday. Monday wasn’t good, so we talked about Tuesday. But then we realized that was Election Day. And while in concept we all liked the idea of staying up with our knitting group to watch the returns, we decided that Wednesday was a better idea. And that way we could celebrate the fact that the election is finally over (fingers crossed that it’s not too close to call, which, of course, it wasn’t).

Small group tonight. Just Jenny, Amber, and me. But great fun as always. The fact that we were all pleased with the election results didn’t hurt. And we did manage to snag the big table at Water Street, so we had room to spread out. And the best part is that they both think they’ll be around the Sunday after Thanksgiving. My mom and I have taught my nieces how to knit. The oldest gets very excited about going to knitting when we go to visit. My knitting group normally meets the fourth Sunday of the month, and since my brother and his family are coming to Michigan for Thanksgiving, this means my nieces will be here. So this also means that we can have a proper knitting group. It won’t just be me, my mom, and my nieces. We discussed possible locations and are hoping to try out a new spot. We just need to make sure they’ll be open that Sunday. (Our usual Sunday spot is going to be closed.)

As we were heading to our respective cars, Jenny asked if she’d see something on Facebook. I told her I’d email her because I wouldn’t be announcing anything on Facebook until I was in my second trimester. Now I just need it to be Friday so that I know. This has seriously been the longest two weeks of my life!


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