Retail Therapy

November 10, 2012

I thought about calling this post “Ikea, I’ve Just Met a Store Called Ikea”, but that implies that I’m new to Ikea. True, before today I had only been there once, but I regularly read my brother’s Ikea catalogues when he lived in England. It’s just that I have a hard time thinking about Ikea without thinking about West Side Story. Ikea / I’ve just spent mon-ey at Ikea. (You have to emphasize both syllables of “money” in order for it to fit the meter correctly.)

Today, my daddy and I went on a date to the Ikea in Bolingbroke. And then we wound up also going to the Ikea in Schaumburg. My mother was sad about not getting to come, but none of us wanted to squeeze together in the front of my dad’s pick-up for that long of a drive. We don’t even do that to drive across town. She got over it pretty quickly. You should ask her about her pantries. Trust me. It will make her very happy to tell you about it.

Our original plan was to go to the Ikea in Canton, but last night we discovered that Canton doesn’t have everything I was looking for. Bolingbroke, however, did. Except that when we got there, we discovered they were out of the loveseat I thought I wanted. (And after sitting on the model, I definitely wanted it.) They did have my sideboard and the two dining chairs I was looking at. My dining table is very nice, but it is a hand-me-down and only has two chairs. Instead of trying to find something that matches, I’ve gone in the completely opposite direction. I bought two chairs that don’t match each other or my old chairs at all. They aren’t even the same color. My old chairs are natural wood. One of my new chairs is painted white, and the other is painted black. And I just have to say that I’ve fallen in love with Stefan. He is the most comfortable dining chair I think I have ever sat upon. If I were starting my dining room furniture from scratch, I would be designing it around Stefan. And he’s the cheaper of the two!

But I digress. (Okay, I’m still digressing. How brilliant is it that my new beloved chair has a people name? I can totally confuse people by talking about how much I love Stefan.)

Okay, I’m done digressing now.

I also bought a sideboard for the dining room. I liked the design of this sideboard on the website, but I wasn’t sure how I really felt about the finish. It looked much better in person. So we picked up the sideboard (which is comprised of two boxes that each weigh a ton) and the two chairs. A very friendly and helpful clerk called Schaumberg and reserved a loveseat for us. We then drove from Bolingbroke to Schaumberg, where we had lunch and picked up the loveseat. To make it even more perfect, the Schaumberg Ikea was having a “get lunch free with a purchase of $100 or more” special. My loveseat cost more than a little more than $100, so lunch was free. (Yeah… I gave Ikea a lot of money today. To quote a friend, “I bought so many Ikeas today!”)

We then had great fun trying to convince Thomasina (my parents’ Tom Tom has a female voice, so we call her Thomasina) that we were NOT going to take the Ike home. She really wanted us to get off of 294 and onto 290. We kept telling her we were not going to drive back through the city to get home. She eventually gave up and told us to take 294 until it turned into 94 and to get off at Kalamazoo. (Except, of course, we got off at Oshtemo, at which point she tried to get us to go back onto 94. She got over that deviation, too.)

In the whole scheme of things, we made really good time. We had the truck and trailer completely unloaded before six.

Oh, there is one part of the drive there that I forgot to share. We stopped at the Indiana tourist center near the Illinois border. OMG. This place is so… Indiana. It’s… Well, you know that it’s just “it’s” when the mural outside of the bathrooms is entitled “What Were We Thinking?” and then goes on to explain the symbolism of the architecture. See, that part represents sand dunes, and that part rivers, and that’s agriculture, and that’s industry. Oh. Now I get it. I got the agriculture part, and I figured another part was waves. (I was wrong. That other part was apparently sand dunes. A different part was waves.) The fact that it was already decorated for Christmas made it absolutely perfect.

So it was a very expensive day, but I’m very happy with my purchases. Daddy comes back tomorrow with his Makita. I’m looking forward to having my new furniture not be in boxes. And I’m really looking forward to having a loveseat. My chaise is a lovely piece of furniture, but it’s not the same as a loveseat. And then I’ll be able to have company because there will be someplace for people to sit.



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2 responses to “Retail Therapy

  1. Maria

    How is it that I’ve never been to Ikea before? Also, now that you’re all set up in your apartment (and by now I mean 3 months ago), we should make plans for me to visit for a weekend. Maybe when the weather gets better

    • Seriously? And you have two of them nearish you! (At least nearer than they are to me.) Of course, you haven’t really needed to go to Ikea. Hopefully you’ll have an excuse soon. You definitely need to come for a visit. And I definitely agree that waiting until the weather gets better sounds like a good plan!

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