Makita! I’ve Just Met a Drill Named Makita!

November 11, 2012

No, not really. Makita was the drill of choice when I was doing youth theatre. (And by youth theatre, I mean theatre by youth for youth, not something I did as an adult. Although I must add that I still adore doing children’s theatre because they are the most honest and appreciative audiences.) Makita, like “Ikea”, just fits so well as a replacement for “Maria”. And my dad has one. He brought it with to assemble my furniture today. And, while we did make use of the various wrenches provided by Ikea (all of which are now in my toolbox), the Makita made some of the assembly go a lot faster. My mom just sat on my chaise and giggled. She described it on Facebook as “nerd husband and nerd daughter assembling furniture”. If we’d been thinking, we would have regaled her with the entire score of The Mikado while we were working. We could have gotten so much nerdier for her.

I did put my mom to work, too. I wanted to swap a couple of shelves on one of my bookcases, so I let her do that. And then, while she was there, she dusted it. And since she was dusting that bookcase, she dusted the other two as well. And while my dad and I were putting my chairs together, I let her put my cookbooks on the shelves of my sideboard. And I let her put my stemware away, too. I’d already planned on buying a sideboard, but the stemware was part of the deciding factor of which one. When I was unpacking my kitchen, I discovered that half of my stemware is too tall for any of the shelves in my kitchen cabinets. I have to say that it feels fabulous to finally have that box out of my dining room. My mom tried to take it another time she was over. I couldn’t blame her; it looked like it was full of newsprint. It was full of newsprint. That newsprint just happened to be the wrapping for all of my too-tall wine glasses.

As a thank you, I took my parents out to lunch. We now know that Sophia’s is about a half-mile from my new place and Gallagher’s is a quarter-mile. So… Yep. If I ever feel the need to track those walks in Daily Mile. Because I go out to eat soooo often. Pardon my giggles. I may think about the fact that there are restaurants within walking distance and that there are restaurants that would deliver food to me, but then I usually decide I don’t want to spend the money and eat the leftovers I’d already planned to have for dinner that evening.

Anyway. After my parents went home, I sat on my new loveseat and looked at the wonderful space that is my new apartment. And it is good. And more importantly, it no longer looks like I’m a squatter. There was a certain transience about my previous furnishings. It looks like a grown-up lives in my apartment now. Well, as long as I close the door to the guest room. We’ll see how many more months it takes for me to get that room squared away. Of course, part of that depends on what happens on the baby front. Ideally, it will become the nursery. If baby is really not meant to be, then I’m buying lots of bookshelves on my next Ikea trip.


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