Ain’t Technology Grand?

November 16, 2012

I was going to go to Meijer yesterday. I had my grocery list made, the bags in the car. I was ready. It was The Plan.

And then my mom called. She’s been helping a friend with her knitting. Thought I might like to join them. At 3:30. At Water Street.

Well… I did need to go to the Food Co-op, too. I’m planning risotto for when my brother and his family are here next week. And I used up my arborio making a really nice paella from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. And knitting with my mom and Lizzie is way more fun than Meijer.

So I went to Meijer today. And this morning, I picked up my bottle of prenatal vitamins and gave it a shake to see if I should refill them today. I decided it could wait. And then, shortly before 9 this morning, I got a text from the Meijer pharmacy telling me that I had a prescription that was due for a refill. Did I want it to be filled? Why, yes, yes, I did. It texted back that it had put in the refill request. And by 1:30 this afternoon, I had a final text letting me know that my prescription was filled and waiting for me.

Okay, so this probably isn’t as magical to some of you as it was to me. I’ve been using the online pharmacy to log in and request refills, but this is the first time I’ve done it all by text message. It just made me very happy. There I was, not in the mood to count how many more days my vitamins were going to last, and Meijer took care of it for me. It’s quite clear that I was never supposed to go grocery shopping yesterday.

(I should add that I wound up skipping the Co-op. It was late enough that knitting broke up that I didn’t feel like doing it, so I just went home. I’ll be by Sawall’s tomorrow. I can buy arborio there.)


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