In Which I Shall Blatantly Advertise My Friend’s Book

November 17, 2012

Today was a good day. Farmers’ Market in the morning. Lunch with Lisa at noon. Her booksigning at 2. Relax and knit at 4. Write for a while and then read until bedtime. What more can you ask from a Saturday? (Okay, I could have done some cooking, maybe a little housework, but it’s too late now. I’m already in my pajamas and in bed.)

Obviously, the best parts of it were in the middle. Lisa and I keep in touch on Facebook, but we only see each other a few times a year, mostly when she’s visiting her parents over the holidays. We went to KAMSC together. She’s another member of our class of renaissance students. While our class has its fair share of doctors, we also have a lot of non-mathy-sciencey professions, too. Okay, mine is kind of related to science since it is technically medicine. And Lisa is a librarian, so she has a degree in library science. And music is very mathematical, so Meredith’s career as an opera singer could be considered indirectly related to math. And, of course, everything is related to physics. But there were a lot of us who wanted to be writers or actors or artists of some kind. We just didn’t have magnet schools that focused on our preferred fields. So math and science nerds we were… and still are.

Lisa was in town this week because it was the official Kalamazoo launch of her new young adult book Starting From Here. You should buy it for yourself. You should buy it for your friends. You should buy it for your friends’ children. You should buy it for random strangers who look like they need to read a good book. (I told you I would be blatantly advertising Lisa’s book.)

Of course, the best part of Lisa coming in for the book launch is that I got her all to myself for lunch. The best part about good friends is that you can have these long wonderful conversations, and then when someone asks what you talked about, you’re at a loss to explain. Everything is equally important and unimportant. What did we talk about? (We’ll see if she contradicts me in the comments…) We talked about her new place and my new place. (We’ve both moved fairly recently.) We talked about babies. She asked if I’d consider adoption if pregnancy didn’t work. She said she was glad to hear that I would because she thinks I really should be a mom. We talked about Ikea and painting and how writing blogs is so different from writing novels. We agreed that we never (okay, rarely) write while sitting at a desk. Neither of us have proper desks anymore because we never use them. We talked about our parents. We talked about the food our parents cook and how it compares to the food we each cook. We talked about the book. We talked about how mint tea is so perfect when the weather is cold and that it must be something candy canes have trained us to think because mint is something that grows in the summer. We talked about everything and nothing, which is exactly as it should be.

You see, I believe I have been suffering from GDD – Girlfriend Deficit Disorder. I think this is why I had a really random dream about Nicki about a month ago. (In my dream, I walked into this diner for breakfast. It was so packed, the only way to find a seat was to share a table with complete strangers. But I lucked out. Nicki was there with her family. Yes, the second child was a surprise to me, too. And the rest of the dream was vague. It was us sitting and having breakfast and talking, but I couldn’t tell you what we talked about.) I just haven’t had much good one-on-one girlfriend time of late. Don’t get me wrong. I love my knitting group, but that’s different. Sure, I’ve been keeping Jenny up on what’s going on, but the conversations at a stitch-‘n’-bitch aren’t quite the same as the conversations you have with a close friend over drinks (or tea in today’s case). And I did get to see Meredith for a few hours after Kat’s wedding, but that wound up being a somewhat melancholy visit because it was in the midst of frustrations over the doctor not being willing to at least try, and Meredith was righteously indignant with him for me, as good friends are when necessary.

At any rate, lunch with Lisa was an excellent antidote for my GDD. And when lunch was done, we walked over to the bookstore. She gave a little reading and answered some questions. She was expecting several because now she would be forced to answer all of the questions her dad had about the book. He wound up only asking one, about the place names. (It takes place in Kalamazoo/Portage, but she took some creative license because she wanted a bit more freedom and she didn’t want to give any place a bad name.) And then she signed books. I have finally bought my copy. (You should buy a copy, too. In case you’re too lazy to look farther up the post, again the title is Starting From Here, and it’s by Lisa Jenn Bigelow.) I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but it’s next on my list. After I finish my library books, which shouldn’t take me too long. I’d say this means I’ll probably read it Thanksgiving weekend, but I’ll have family in from out of town. It’s going to be a pretty busy long weekend.


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