Ford & Page

November 18, 2012

I’ve been horribly unproductive today. Unless you count getting mittens knit up past the thumb gusset so that I would have idiot knitting to take with me to trivia this evening. If you count that, then I’ve been incredibly productive. That didn’t do much towards getting my apartment tidied up or cooking the lunch I didn’t cook yesterday or the lunch I was supposed to cook today. But it did give me time to take a nap on my new loveseat. It was the first nap on my new loveseat. (We’ll see how long I have to own it before I stop calling it my new loveseat. I wonder if I’ll start putting new in quotation marks before I drop the word altogether…)

Last week, Heather emailed that she and John (aka my husband from the last time we did The Merry Wives of Windsor) and Charlie (who played her husband) were going to Team Trivia at Bell’s. You can understand why there was no way I was going out last Sunday. But I said that, unless this weekend wound up swamped, too, I was planning on it this week. We’re pretty sure our foursome will make a great team. We were missing me last week and Charlie this week, so that remains undetermined. And while our name is incredibly clever to us, no one has a clue what it means or where it comes from. Heather was Mistress Ford and I was Mistress Page, so naturally, our team is comprised of the Fords and the Pages, so we’re Ford & Page.


Like I said, nobody gets it. We realized we needed to come up with something witty to say when our team was introduced. We shouted “What cause of suspicion?”

Do you get it?

I didn’t think so.

I’ve come up with a couple of other things we should try. Maybe we just need to shout “Shakespeare!” But then people might think we’re at the wrong bar. But I did come up with something that makes me giggle:

John & Charlie: Our wives are very merry!

Heather & Me: Yes, we are!

And that will definitely confuse people. All four of us are single.

But anyway. We rocked the first half. We were tied for second place at halftime. (I knew that I was missing a country on the northwest coast of South America, but I couldn’t visualize that it really was Colombia. Heather could only come up with countries that were on the east coast.) We did not do so well in the second half. I did know that Captain Hook’s ship was the Jolly Roger. And I knew where the zygomatic arch is even before we found out the question would be multiple choice. We learned that we know nothing about beer. But we also knew that we did not know the full answer for the final question and wisely wagered nothing. This left us scoring somewhere in the middle.

Yes, we had a great time. And we were thrilled to learn that Bell’s is going to become a permanent home to Team Trivia at the magnificent time of 6-8 on Sundays. We’ve already decided to make it a regular thing. I have, however, already announced that I am not available next Sunday. And we’ve all agreed to skip the planned “beer only” trivia night. We figure we’re going to be so clueless that night that it won’t even be fun.

Now we just need to figure out our catchy slogan for when the Fords and Pages are announced…


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