Have I Mentioned How I Feel About Needles?

December 11, 2012

I have? Just checking to see if you remembered.

Despite my horrible case of the What-Ifs on Sunday, yesterday’s appointment went well. We were first (woohoo!), which meant I got back to work around 10. And, yes, of course Dr Z gave me permission to make up some of my time at home. Good thing, too. I swear I got more work done in an hour at home this evening than I did during eight hours in the office today. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I had an ultrasound. My mom asked what we were looking for, and the doctor said, “Nothing.” And everything must have looked good. However, because we’re a day late (this appointment should have been on Sunday), we need to play catch up with the drugs. Higher dose, earlier times. He wanted me to do a 9am injection that day. Really. Told us this at 8:30. You know where I was going to be at 9? That’s right, somewhere between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

But that’s okay. We met with Carla for the how-to-give-yourself-an-FSH-injection lesson. (In our case, of course, how-to-have-your-mother-give-you-an-FSH-injection lesson.) She agreed it was absolutely ridiculous not to just do it before I left the office. So she gave me the first injection.

Oh, and I think my favorite part of the lesson is when she showed me the needle and said that it’s not very big. Yeah. I swear it looks at least twice as long to me as it is in reality. (At least I can laugh at my phobias. I still succumb to them, but I see their humor!)

It stung and that spot was tender for much of the day. As we were driving home, I commented that I was curious to see how long it was before my ovaries started to ache. Didn’t take long. I could feel them before we made it to Kalamazoo.

Today, I needed an injection at 1. My magnificent mother brought the cooler to my office and jabbed me there. This one didn’t hurt as much as the one Carla gave me. Maybe it was the location. But, yeah, it still stung.

And tomorrow, we’re onto the much more reasonable whatever time we want as long as it’s after 4. (We’re thinking 4:15.)

I have less than ten injections to go this cycle. My mom and I will be seeing a lot of each other.



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4 responses to “Have I Mentioned How I Feel About Needles?

  1. Rita

    Have I told you how much I admire your resolve and fortitude…and COURAGE?!

  2. Maria

    Out of curiosity, do most people self inject, or is it in an awkward place? I guess that’s what husbands would be useful for.

    • For IUI, it’s a subcutaneous shot, so most people (aka you) can self inject. Back of the arm, thigh, belly, butt… My mom gave them in my belly. I had Carla give it in my butt so that I couldn’t see it, but that was more painful than getting them in my belly. For IVF, they’re intramuscular, so (from what I understand) most women have their partner inject them — glutes are nice big muscles for that sort of thing. But I don’t see why you couldn’t give yourself an intramuscular shot in the thigh. (If any of my friends who are doctors are reading this, maybe you can weigh in?)

      • Maria Meintanis

        I use my thigh for the Enbrel shot, so I guess I’d be an expert at that. I was told today that I deal with discomfort well. I wanted to tell the nurse “you have no idea”

        Knowing how you feel about needles, I’m pretty impressed how you managed through all this “fun”!

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