This is Becoming Real

December 18, 2012

I have a couple of days’ worth of stories to share.

I had an ultrasound on Friday. The nice thing about it is that the doctor had a meeting that morning, so instead of cattle call starting at 8, it started at 9. This meant that instead of leaving home at 0’dark-thirty, we could leave at closer to 0’dark-forty-five. It’s getting pretty close to the solstice. It stays pretty dark for a while these days. I have one follicle on the left and three on the right (the three amigos). There was also a small follicle on the right. My mom and I dubbed that one Wilbur.

And for the rest of the story I didn’t tell you on Friday… I had to go to E Lansing for work, so instead of driving back to Kalamazoo and then to E Lansing and then back to Kalamazoo again, we just went straight to E Lansing. Besides, I needed an FSH injection shortly after 4, so my mom was going to go with me anyway. We were anticipating having to stop somewhere and shoot up. (You have to use the proper language for these things. ;-)) My meeting turned out to be shorter than anticipated, so we wound up back at my parents’ house at the perfect time. Much nicer than a rest area or McDonald’s restroom.

I had an ultrasound yesterday, too. This one was to determine which day to schedule the IUI. We knew it would be this week; we just weren’t sure which day. All four follicles still looked good. (Wilbur, alas, has not developed into something larger. We were rooting for him.) IUI is planned for tomorrow. Once again, my mother and I had to stay up until 10pm in order to do the hCG injection. She had Knitters’ Guild, so I went out to dinner with Heather. My mom then came to my place instead of going home. To pass that last hour or so, we watched Men Who Swim. It’s a charming documentary about the Swedish men’s synchronized swimming team. I highly recommend it. It’s only about an hour long, so it’s not a major commitment.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow my mom picks me up at 8.30, and we go to Grand Rapids, and hopefully, I get pregnant. Fingers crossed!


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