There Are Still More Fun Ways to Do This

December 19, 2012

Today’s IUI went better than the last one, but it was still pretty uncomfortable. (Okay, let’s face it. Anytime a speculum is involved, it’s uncomfortable.) But he was able to insert the catheter without any additional tools. There was, however, some backflow, so he inserted a pack to prevent the swimmers from swimming the wrong direction. And he was happy. He seemed pleased. As he walked out of the room, he told me to “go forth and multiply”. (I’m hoping that multiplication is by a factor of one. I’m cool with all four eggs being fertilized, but I’m asking that only one implants. And if two do implant, then could we please make it one of each? But dear God, Hera, Gaia, Universe, no more two!)

It was difficult to sit up because the pack felt sharp. And I’m short. So once I was upright, I couldn’t get off the table because I couldn’t find the step with my foot.

Remember how I said my mom was going to drive today? This is why. We’d both independently reached the conclusion that I should have let her drive home after the last IUI. But you know how it is. We were in my car, so I was driving… Yeah. We weren’t going to make that mistake again. And it was a good thing because I don’t think I could have driven. As a passenger, I could sit in a position that the pack was merely horribly uncomfortable and not painful.

The nice thing about driving from Grand Rapids back to Kalamazoo is that we didn’t have to keep track of the time. I was supposed to leave the pack in for about an hour. It would be about an hour by the time I got home. And considering it was uncomfortable to walk, we weren’t moving very fast to get to the car. And we took the elevators instead of the stairs.

Once I got the pack out, I figured out why it was so uncomfortable. It was wrapped in a stiff plastic square. Yes, this meant it had sharp corners. That’s what I was feeling when I sat upright.

I lay on the sofa with my hips elevated for about an hour. I knit. I took a nap. I watched more episodes of Suits than I care to admit (not that I was keeping count). And obviously the experience was better this time. I’m actually able to write about it today.

One side note: Yes, I’ve been missing a lot of work for this. But my boss is pretty cool. He doesn’t have a problem if I work from home to make up the missed time. I’ve been keeping very close tabs on my hours so that I don’t accrue any overtime. I took today off, but to distract myself between when I normally get up around 5:30 and my mom picking me up three hours later, I worked. I’m glad I hadn’t made up all of my hours yet because it was exactly what I needed to keep my mind off of the pending IUI.


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