You Could Drive a Person Crazy

December 26, 2012

I have to wait another week to find out if I’m pregnant. I was hoping the holidays would help the two-week wait feel shorter. And the days have gone more quickly. There was dinner with Meredith and Theresa on Friday followed by a solstice date with my Daddy to listen to Whiskey Before Breakfast at the London Grill. There was knitting group on Sunday, at my place, and we always hang out longer when we meet at someone’s home than we do at coffee shops. There was lunch with Lisa and Meredith on Monday. Yesterday was Christmas. And I have to go to work, too. But next Wednesday seems like it’s at least seven years away.

And the problem with IUI is that you become hyperaware of your body. My breasts are tender. Okay, but they do that cyclically. Yeah, but when in my cycle? Is this when they’re normally tender? Oh, it could just be the drugs. I did start taking the progesterone pills (these ovoid things that look easier to swallow than they are). Yes, but that was only yesterday. My breasts were tender before that.

And I feel kind of blech this morning. Morning sickness? Of course, yesterday was Christmas. Maybe I just ate too much.

Every twinge becomes a sign of something. Or maybe not… Unless…

Wednesday is a long way away.


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