Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

December 30, 2012

I went a little insane yesterday. I’ve been working on this new sweater that I can wear to work, and I promised myself not to start anything fun until it was finished. Well, I finished it yesterday. And I kind of started something fun…

There’s a designer with the Ravelry handle of Romi. I love her designs. I love her designs without the fact that she has been doing annual series of “7 Small Shawls”. I would love her designs even if most of them weren’t one-skein wonders. I’ve been wanting to purchase the first two years of “7 Small Shawls”, but I promised myself I would finish my sweater first. I’ve been wanting them because the first year is the Pleiades and the second year is the Muses. (Yes, there are more than seven Muses. Two of them have non-shawl projects.) How can I resist?

So, yeah, I bought both sets of patterns yesterday. And I printed off the pattern for Asterope. And then I went stash diving and pulled out a lovely sage-green skein of Blue Faced Leicester. For those of you who aren’t familiar with your breeds of sheep, all you really need to know is that it’s an incredibly soft wool. And then I knit about half of the shawl.

And I’m up early this morning. Sure, I still need to wrap my present for this afternoon’s Family Christmas Gift Exchange. And I want to head over to my parents early so that I can block my sweater. But I have time to knit several more rows before I have to do any of that.

And, yes, I’m already trying to decide which of these wonderful little shawls I’m going to knit next.


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