I Always Was an Overachiever

January 9, 2013

You might have noticed in yesterday’s post that I mentioned I had blood work done and then neglected to tell you the results. I didn’t. Neglect to tell you the results, that is. Usually, the clinic calls around 2:30 with my results, but I still hadn’t heard anything an hour later when I pulled into the Meijer’s parking lot. (That’s right. I used a bit of flex time to leave work early to go grocery shopping. I’m a wild and crazy woman.) I get lousy cell reception inside the store, so I called the clinic once I’d parked. They hadn’t called because they hadn’t received my results yet. And so I did my shopping, got the car washed, drove home, put the groceries away… Still no call. So I went ahead and wrote the blog post I’d been meaning to write about the first blood test. After 5:00 rolled around, I figured I wouldn’t hear anything until today anyway.

You gotta give him credit. My doctor is weird, quirky, with lousy bedside manner, but he personally called after 5:30 to tell me that he’d still not received the written report, but he’d spoken with the lab. He thinks, based on my hormone levels, that it might be twins. I should come in for an ultrasound on the 21st, Monday. (Yes, he said it in such a manner that I had to clarify with him that he meant January 21, two Mondays from now, not some other “day 21” that falls this coming Monday.)

I called the clinic today to clarify when I was supposed to come in. A few minutes later, the nurse called back with my test results. I was able to check on what the rest of the schedule might look like. With the ultrasound on 1/21, I won’t need to go back at all the following week, which is good, because that’s when I’ll be in San Francisco, staring wistfully at beautiful seafood.

So, yeah, twins. Maybe. We won’t know for sure until the ultrasound. I’m hoping my body is just happily producing excessive hormones. It happens. ‘Cause if I have more than one, I’m really going to need my village!


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