Whose Idea Was This?

January 10, 2013

Little by little, word is seeping out to my friends. I knew Meredith was going to ask, which she did, so I swore her to secrecy. And I knew Jenny would ask, too, and since she was about as pregnant as I am now when she told me she was pregnant… Well, it was only fair. And today I told Nicki, out of necessity. I was in need of her experience.

You see, a lot of OB/GYNs decide that they really just want to by GYNs and not OBs. Obstetrics can be expensive. I’m talking malpractice insurance here. Well, today I called my beloved practice to schedule my first appointment for once I’m discharged from the fertility clinic, and I was told that as of December 1, they’ve dropped the OB side of the practice. Completely. None of the doctors and none of the midwives are taking new obstetric patients. She gave me the numbers for both Bronson Women’s Health and Borgess Women’s Health and said she was very sorry. (Poor receptionist! I can only imagine how many hormonal women she’s had to break this news to!)

And then I hung up, called my mother, and had a meltdown. I’m so glad I work in a proper office, with four walls and a door. Particularly the door because it took me a while to pull myself together. (I was actually working and crying simultaneously for a bit there. And I’m like Claire Danes. I’m an ugly crier.) And then I emailed Nicki to find out where she went when she was pregnant. I thought I remembered Borgess, but I wasn’t positive. So, I kind of had to tell her that I’m pregnant because why else would I be looking for a new midwife when I’ve been so happy with my current one?

Sure enough, Nicki did go to Borgess, and she was incredibly happy. And the nice part about this is that I’ll have my baby (still hoping it’s just one!) at Borgess, just like my mother and my grandmother and my great-aunts and any number of cousins. (A cousin was actually born just down the hall the same day I was born. I’m older by a few hours.) At my old practice, I was kind of saddened by the thought that I’d be breaking with tradition.

I was surprised when I called Borgess Women’s Health that the scheduler sounded a little surprised when I told her Partners in Women’s Health had dropped their OB practice. I figured they’d gotten several calls by now. (I guess most other patients have opted for Bronson since it’s right across the hall from Partners in Women’s Health.) She could not have been more kind. She talked about how they handle intake, and then we got my appointment scheduled for February 19. My mom is going to miss my 9-week-hear-the-heartbeat ultrasound in Grand Rapids, but she should be back from my brother’s to go with me to my first appointment at my new practice (if she wants to, which I’m pretty sure she does).

Oh, and the best part? When I gave her my name and birthdate, she was able to pull up my record in their EMR. She read off an address, asking if that was still where I lived. I laughed. “No, but my parents still live there.” I’ve been a patient at Borgess once in my entire life. When I was born. That nearly 35-year-old record got scanned into their system when they switched from paper to EMR. I haven’t been a patient there in more than three decades, but they still had me in the system.


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