Quoth My Father, “Alleluia!”

January 21, 2013

I finally got my ultrasound today. I swear, waiting for this ultrasound has been almost as nerve-wracking as waiting for my pregnancy test. And while I would have preferred to spend a very snowy paid holiday at home, at least I didn’t have to use PTO for this appointment. And my mommy, proving that she is the best mommy in the world, offered to drive. I have been absolutely exhausted since I got pregnant, so having someone else drive to Grand Rapids and back, through the snow, was very nice.

And, yes, the weather was terrible. We left at 11 for my 1pm appointment. It took us nearly the full two hours to get there. Yes, it is still winter in Michigan. Icy roads, low visibility, not nearly as many cars in the median as one might expect (although at least one was facing the wrong direction, so you know they were driving way too fast for the conditions). But we got there safely, and that’s really all that matters, at least as far as travel is concerned.

Today, the doctor’s ASD had a hint of sadism to it. He started the ultrasound. “There’s one…”




My mother and I were both sitting there waiting for the “and”. “And?”

There’s one. My hCG was high. That’s all. There’s only one. My mother and I both breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank, God!” I can do this. I can go grocery shopping without either finding a sitter and taking someone along with me. I can get the baby and the diaper back and my work bag to the car and back in one load. There’s only one. (Unless it’s identical twins. He did offer that possibility. Like I said, there was a hint of sadism to his ASD today.)

And that was that. He told me what date to schedule my last appointment with him. He said that once I was discharged my job was to find him more patients. (You’ve all been reading this blog. I leave it up to you to decide if this is the fertility practice you want to deal with. Not that there are many other choices if you’d rather see someone else.)

Fortunately, Carla was available because this morning sickness thing cannot continue as it is. I have to fly to San Francisco next week. I get airsick on a good day when I’m not pregnant. I need drugs. She gave me the usual spiel: eat dry foods, try to keep food in your stomach all day, etc., etc., and so forth. I told her I did know that, but I was having a hard time eating anything. Standard morning sickness drug protocol turns out to be half a Unisom and vitamin B6 twice a day. She said that I could replace the prenatal vitamins (that have stopped staying down) with a children’s chewable and folic acid twice a day, smaller doses to digest, and easier on the stomach, plus I won’t have to try to swallow those horse pills that are prenatal vitamins. We asked about Bonine, my motion sickness drug of choice. Clearly, Carla is not One of Us because she’d never heard of it. (It’s awesome! Lasts 24 hours, non-drowsy, and it’s chewable! If you get motion sickness, and have yet to discover Bonine, I highly recommend it. Plus, its patent has expired, so you can buy the generic now! I just can’t remember what the generic name is for it.) The doctor is not One of Us either because he’d never heard of it and was, therefore, uncomfortable approving it as safe for pregnancy. Instead, I got a prescription for Zofran. And that’s okay. (It’s sublingual! I don’t have to try to swallow it when all I want to do is throw up!) I’ll save the Zofran for next week when I fly and for when I desperately need it. Hopefully, the Unisom and B6 will work for me.

Once we were on the road for home, I called my dad to share the good news.

“There’s only one,” I said.

“Alleluia!” he exclaimed. Yes, I think he summed up how all three of us (well, four if you count the bead) were feeling today.


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  1. Cathy

    Oh my gosh!! Congratulations! This is such exciting news. I wish you all the best. Sorry to hear about the morning sickness. I hope it passes quickly. I was lucky to have only mild morning sickness, nothing terrible, but it did last for a number of months. I think I was 20 weeks before I started feeling better. What an exciting road lies ahead of you. 🙂

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