February 19, 2013

Today I had my first appointment at Borgess. (Yes, I’m still chuckling at the fact that I was in the EHR from when I was born.) I didn’t see any of the practitioners today, just the intake nurse. And while I had all of the paperwork they’d sent me filled out, we didn’t really go over any of it. Minimal discussion of family history, no discussion at all of my menstrual history. Sure, I’m pregnant, so that isn’t currently pertinent, but I always look forward to when a new practice asks me for what age the onset of menses began.

Me: Nine

Them: ….

And you can imagine the look, the raised eyebrows, the mouthed-yet-silent “wow”. Never disbelief, just a look confirming that I was young. But alas, she didn’t ask me that question, so we didn’t have that exchange.

Instead we talked about how I’m single and used an anonymous sperm donor. She thought I was awesome for making this choice. It was an incredibly positive conversation.

The question I wasn’t ready for was who was going to be my coach. I mean, at this moment, my goal is to just stay pregnant. I haven’t thought that far ahead. I said Nicki, maybe, since she’s a doula. Or maybe Heather, but I haven’t even TOLD Heather that I’m pregnant yet, so… She put them both in the computer. One of them she marked as my “partner”.

“Friend,” I corrected. “I’m single,” I reminded her. And straight, I thought. I think she changed it so that they’re both listed as “friend”, but I honestly don’t know.

And then came the fun part. My age. I’m still 34, but I’m not due until after my birthday. I officially have Advanced Maternal Age. So even though I’m only 10 weeks (well, 11 since my due date got moved to 9/10), I got to do a glucose tolerance test.

Oh, and I only have three Zofran left. I’ve been rationing them. I asked the nurse about a new prescription. No luck. I have to see the midwife first. Fortunately, she had an opening on Friday. I just need to last until then.

Of course, because I now have an appointment with the midwife on Friday, my bloodwork and one-hour, non-fasting glucose tolerance test had to be done ASAP. The lab was still open, so I went downstairs after my appointment and took care of them. I knew the glucose solution was pretty vile. It’s particularly vile when paired with morning sickness. I tried to focus on my book, but I discovered I could only do so for ten minutes before needing to take several deep breaths in an attempt not to vomit. (Seriously. I checked the time on my phone at ten minute intervals. I’d start feeling like I couldn’t last any longer, look at my phone, and ten minutes had elapsed since the previous time I’d checked.) The receptionist asked if I wanted some water. I told her that really wasn’t going to help. Sure, it would move the glucose more quickly through my system and rinse the taste from my mouth, but it also entailed swallowing, which so wasn’t happening.

It wound up being a really long afternoon. Now I just need to make these last three Zofran last until I meet Lydia, my new midwife, on Friday. Wish me luck!


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