The Inspector Calls

February 21, 2013

At my intake appointment, there was a form the nurse had to fill out. The only box she checked on it was that this is my first pregnancy. She told me what it was for, but by today, I’d already forgotten about it. And then my phone rang. It was the social worker from the hospital, calling to check in.

The nurse told me that even though I had no risk factors, the social worker probably would still call. It is a comforting sort of thing, at least for someone in my position who doesn’t need them, to know that they’re still looking out for me. The social worker asked how I was doing. I told her my morning sickness was pretty bad. She told me she was sorry I felt sick but that they always love it when their patients have morning sickness because it’s a good sign for the pregnancy.

It was a very short phone call. She agreed I probably didn’t need anything, but she said if I found that I did, to just call the clinic and say I needed to speak to the social worker. They would know how to reach her. I’m pretty sure I have a big enough support system that I’ll be fine without her, but like I said, it’s comforting to know that she’s there.



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2 responses to “The Inspector Calls

  1. Maria Meintanis

    That’s super proactive of them, especially when so women who need services don’t know how to get them.

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