I Will Not Stress

February 22, 2013

I had my first appointment with Lydia, my new midwife today. I had PT for my shoulder, too. Back to back. PT at 7:30, midwife at 9:30. And it’s Friday. Yes, I took the day off. Seemed absolutely ridiculous to bother going into work.

(In case you’re wondering, PT is going pretty well. Flexion is improving greatly. Rotation, not so much, but that’s usually the way this sort of rehab works.)

Lydia is fabulous. I could see dropping my old practice altogether (especially since I understand most of the midwives I liked are jumping ship) and staying with Lydia. She wasn’t quite as wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am in today’s pelvic as Brandi is (which is one of the reasons I liked going to her – the speculum was only in for as long as it needed to be), but it wasn’t the worst pelvic exam I’ve ever had. And unlike the intake nurse, she was thrilled to have copies of my ultrasound pictures. My due date is now officially officially 9/10. If you have a first trimester ultrasound, they won’t change your due date later based on your progression. So I’m officially 11 weeks as of Tuesday.

Unfortunately, I failed my glucose tolerance test. By two points. I guess I’m not terribly surprised. I know you’re supposed to feel a crash, and I didn’t. I just felt sick. So now I need to go in for a three-hour fasting test. That would be fasting from 10pm the night before and hanging out in the lab for three hours if you’re not familiar with the lingo. Four blood draws – one before drinking the solution and one every hour after that. And there’s a minimum amount of food you need to eat for at least three days prior to the test. Which means I have to be able to eat. And as you know, food and I haven’t exactly been on the best of terms for the past six weeks. I asked exactly what this diet entailed. When Lydia brought back the lab order, she brought the diet instructions.

“It’s pretty reasonable,” she said.

“It’s about twice as much as I’m managing to eat right now,” I replied. I’ve been living on a diet of oranges and granola bars. And by that I mean an orange and two or three granola bars. Yes, I’ve lost about ten pounds since I got pregnant.

She told me I could go take a different blood test today that would be able to see if I’ve been processing sugar okay for the past three months, and that I could wait for two or three weeks to do the glucose tolerance test. You know, for when I’d be feeling better.

And she called in a prescription for Zofran for me. By the time I got my blood drawn and drove down the street, it was just about ready to pick up. Which is good. I took my last one this morning. And the best part? She wrote it for 30. I’m hoping that lasts me until my morning sickness passes. She also told me that I could get a B6 injection. I’ve been doing okay with the pills, so I passed. But it’s good to know that it’s an option.

And now, I’m trying not to think about the fact that my blood sugar was two points too high. Stressing about it isn’t going to change anything (except maybe my blood pressure). I hope Nicki makes it to knitting this month. I want her to reassure me that even if I do have gestational diabetes, it will be okay, that she was scared, too, that I can handle this. I can’t let this stress me out. I have enough to deal with without doing that.


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