Fitting into My Genes

February 23, 2013

There was one more thing that we talked about at my appointment yesterday, but I thought it merited a post unto itself.

Genetic testing.

There are two different tests I could take. I’d have to take one now, or at least within the next week or so. The other I have more time to contemplate because it can’t be done before week 15.

The decision on the first one was easy. No. I don’t have time to think about it and make an informed decision, so my decision is simple.

But the other one… At this moment, I’m disinclined. I don’t see that it will make any difference to me. If I were younger and had gotten pregnant naturally, if I knew I had more time to try again and it wouldn’t cost thousands of dollars to conceive, well, then the results might influence me. But it’s not going to change my decision about having this specific baby. But at the same time, would it be better to be prepared? To know if my child has Down syndrome or Trisomy 18 before it’s born?

I have time to think about it. That makes it a much more difficult decision. I’m not sure if it would be easier or more difficult if I weren’t single. If I were with someone, we’d definitely have some long conversations about what we should do. But it’s just me, talking to myself. Trying to decide if it’s worth it to know something that won’t stop me from wanting this baby before it arrives.


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