Vitamin B… Six

March 1, 2013

A couple of days ago, when I went to swallow my B6, it hadn’t made it all the way down my throat before it started coming back up. Lovely, I know. Yes, I did manage to choke it down, but it was, to put it delicately, quite unpleasant. I haven’t been able to face trying to swallow one since. So today, I called the clinic and asked about getting a B6 injection. For those of you who are counting, it’s been one week since the midwife made the offer. I really should have taken her up on it.

Fortunately, it’s a simple nurse visit, so much easier to schedule than an appointment with one of the midwives or doctors. They were able to see me this afternoon. Unfortunately, a B6 injection hurts like a @#$*)@(%&)(@#$&*. It’s intramuscular, so it’s a proper jab, and the serum burns and stings as it goes in. And you know what? That’s far superior to trying to choke down that bloody pill again. As my mother commented, this is proof of how sick I’ve been feeling. I would rather deal with a needle (have I mentioned how I feel about needles lately?) than try to swallow a pill bigger than half a Unisom. (That’s a pretty small pill for those of you unfamiliar with sleep aids.)

I’d like to say that I’m feeling better, but it’s all relative, so it’s really hard to say. I’m just relieved that I have one less pill to swallow every day. If this does work, I’ll be scheduling another appointment for next Friday.


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