Blame It on the Coffee

March 3, 2013

Today was the Knights of Columbus monthly breakfast up in Hilliers, which meant it was the perfect day for a family breakfast. And in this case, by “family” I mean Family. (I laugh sometimes the way my family talks about The Family because we sound like Mafiosi. Just so you know, we’re German-Irish Catholics, not Italian. And, yes, there is such a thing as a German Catholic.) My uncle belongs to this particular chapter of the K of C (not to be confused with KFC). It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet with long tables and people who don’t care if we hang out and talk for a couple of hours. It’s much easier than trying to plan Family Breakfast at a restaurant (although we do that from time to time, too). Not all of my cousins could make it, but all of my aunts and uncles were there. Yes, I had an ulterior motive for having my mom suggest that we should schedule breakfast soon. (Figured it would be a dead giveaway if I were the one to suggest it.)

Aunt Cindy (whom you will undoubtedly be hearing much more about) did let us finish the first plate before asking if there was news. (That might be a record. My family has a tendency to ask for news of the engagement/baby sort before coats have been removed.) I smiled and took out my 9-week ultrasound picture. “I knew it!” she said. “When you didn’t want coffee, I knew you had to be pregnant.” My uncle had been thinking he needed to go in the back and pull out some alcohol and offer me a drink so that they could suss out whether or not I was pregnant.

My favorite response, though, came from my cousin’s teenage boys. They’d been at the other table when I was passing around the ultrasound picture, so they weren’t part of the original conversation. “So,” asked the 15-year-old, “does this mean we’re getting a new cousin?” I told him it does. He and his 16-year-old brother responded with a high five. (These boys are turning out pretty darn good.)

I wasn’t really worried about telling the family at this point. The big news for them was that I was even going to try. And it was a wonderful breakfast. And Aunt Cindy thinks she still has a Pack-‘n’-Play from when Payton (who’s almost four, eek!) was an infant. Since I foresee a lot of “pop the baby in the Pack-‘n’-Play then run back to the car for the groceries”, that’s something I will happily take off her hands. I do need to ask if she or Shawn still has the portable high chair. That seems like an ideal item for apartment dwelling.

So now I just need to get a couple more blog posts posted. I’ve gotten them timed out so that the one that says I’m pregnant will go up on 12 weeks to the day. The Family knows, so now the rest of the world can know, too.

P.S. For those of you who are wondering, yes, my mom did tell her brother that I’m pregnant already. That side of the family is much smaller.


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