March 8, 2013

Or, you know, not so much. Well, I was productive this morning. I met our first (or does this count as our second?) accreditation deadline BEFORE I went to PT at 7:30. I finished the last few details of the spreadsheet listing all of the activities we’ve accredited in the current cycle (yes, that includes past, current, and future because our accreditation doesn’t expire until next March) and emailed it to Brenda at the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS).

But then I had PT at 7:30.

And when I called Borgess yesterday to schedule a B6 injection for today, the only time they could see me was 11:15, so I ran over to the hospital for that.

And it was the day of the month that the massage therapist comes to work. Sure, it’s not free, but it is convenient. So I got a massage at 1.

So, yeah, other than getting that spreadsheet emailed to Brenda at MSMS at 7:15 this morning, I didn’t get much else done today.

I’d say that it’s Pregnancy Brain, but I think it’s really Spring Fever. After all, Plainwell Ice Cream is open for the season. Doesn’t that mean that it’s time for the snow to stop?

Oh, and the nurse I saw today described a B6 injection perfectly. It feels like a wasp sting. So for those of you who were wondering, that’s exactly what it feels like. She also told me that the dosage was low enough that I can get them twice a week. I can tell that it helps, but it definitely doesn’t last long enough. I’m thinking twice a week is a brilliant idea. I’m coming back Tuesday for another.


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