Busy, but Good

March 9, 2013

Today was one of those days with plenty on the docket, at least for me on a Saturday. Okay, I suppose there could have been a little more; I could have gone to the Farmers’ Market, too.

Anyway, first up was a hair appointment with Yalanda. I told her I was probably going to need a pedicure or two later this summer. After my last appointment, she was already pretty sure that I was pregnant. She asked if I had news, and at the time, I was only six weeks along. Today when I told her that I was pregnant, she said she was guessing that’s why I hesitated to answer before, that I didn’t want to jinx anything. I was a little disappointed that Lydia didn’t say anything about the fact that I color my hair. I was looking forward to touting Yalanda and sharing that she uses this natural yogurt-based dye to color my hair. (My current color is blood orange, which is just icing on the cake.)

After that was lunch with Heather at the Union. We’d initially planned on dinner this past Monday, but I called her on Saturday to tell her that I didn’t know what I was thinking because dinner is not my best time of the day. She told me she suspected I was pregnant when I’d opted out of seeing a friend’s show because curtain wasn’t until 8 and I was in bed and frequently asleep by then. But her first words were actually, “Am I going to be an aunt?” We then made plans for lunch on Sunday, which got moved to today. Honestly, I’m not complaining. This means all of my out-and-about gets taken care of today and I have tomorrow to just be home.

And the best part is that since I’m participating in the Centering program, I have all of the dates of my prenatal appointments already. (Okay, most of them. My ultrasound isn’t scheduled yet, and when we get closer to my due date, some additional appointments will be added.) Ever since I started talking about trying to have a baby, Heather and I have talked about her being my partner at baby appointments. (Really, we’re just friends. I swear!) And since we already know when most of them will be, it will be a lot simpler for her to adjust her work schedule to accommodate them. So at lunch today, she pulled out her planner and I pulled out the schedule and she entered all of the dates. Now I just need to start getting together with Nicki to start discussing a birth plan. But I think that can wait another month or so. My first Centering appointment isn’t until April. A birth plan can wait a little bit longer.


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