Sick. For Real.

March 24, 2013

So, I don’t know how much was morning sickness on Monday and how much was the onset of my Annual Spring Upper Respiratory Infection (URI). I spell that out for a reason. Only my friends who are doctors understand me immediately. Just about everyone else doesn’t know what a URI is and assumes I meant UTI. I don’t. Different part of the anatomy all together.

I’ve gotten sick every spring for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I did it reliably. Like clockwork. I’d wake up Easter Sunday feeling miserable. I’d be healthy on Holy Saturday, but come Easter Sunday, not so much. Yes, I was so talented at getting my spring crud that I could reliably get it on a holiday that can fall anywhere from March to May. I’m not sure when it stopped being quite so reliable, but at least that meant I stopped spending my Easters feeling sick.

Anyway, I suffered through my Annual Spring URI this past week. I would usually dose myself nicely with Tylenol Cold and Robitussin, and it would be tolerable. Sure, it would still take me ten minutes to catch my breath after climbing the stairs to my office on the third floor, but I’d be able to function. My drugs of choice, however, are currently contraindicated. I drank a lot of hot water and honey. I took a lot of long hot showers to try to loosen the phlegm. I slept a lot. I ran out of tissues. I worked six hours on Wednesday, zero on Thursday (including canceling that day’s PT appointment), and three on Friday. And, yes, after those three hours on Friday, I came home and took a nap.

And the weight that I’d finally started to keep on? It’s gone. I had a hard time eating much because I couldn’t breathe and chew and swallow easily. Plus I was coughing to the point of vomiting, so things weren’t staying down.

I made it out for knitting today. Jenny stopped by long enough to drop off a copy of the Mayo Clinic’s pregnancy book. It was her favorite, and from the bit I’ve flipped through, I can see why. I’m sure I’ll enjoy having it as a resource.

The plan is to get back to work full-time tomorrow. It’s too close to my other annual spring event for me to not be there. (That would be the Annual Developmental Disabilities Conference.) I am, however, thinking the elevator might be a good thing.


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