March 28, 2013

I got mail today. It was unique in that it had a yellow forwarded mail sticker on it. I haven’t gotten forwarded mail in a while. I thought I’d updated my address with all the appropriate parties. I know I’d updated my address with the party from whom this piece of mail came.

It was from the clinic in Grand Rapids. And it contained…

A check. A check for $12.96. When all was said and done, I wound up with a balance of twelve dollars and ninety-six cents.

And I have to laugh. They could send the bills to the right address, but the refund? Yeah, not so much.

But I still wound up in the black. Sort of. And this should officially end my relationship with Grand Rapids. I owe them nothing, and they now owe me nothing. I have to tell you, $12.96 may not be much, but it sure feels good.



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2 responses to “12.96

  1. Maria

    You should use it to start baby’s college fund

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