Wait, That’s Not Possible

March 29, 2013

One more thing happened this week. I got home on Wednesday and found a note from the complex on my door. This is how they inform residents that they’ll be entering our apartments for routine maintenance. It said that our building would get new RFIs and carbon monoxide detectors on Thursday, March 27.

I’ll give you a minute to look at the calendar. I’ll give you a hint. Today is Friday.

I’m pretty sure they just forgot to change the date from “27” to “28” when they printed the flyers for my building.

The rest of the flyer said we needed to clear off the counter tops by the sink in our kitchens. Yes, I haven’t done much housework since I got pregnant, but it wasn’t that big of a deal to get that taken care of. Except for one, not-so-little thing. My microwave sits on the corner of countertop between the sink and the wall. I called my mother and asked if it would be okay to play the pregnancy card on this one. She approved.

I took the flyer and wrote a note saying I was pregnant and didn’t have enough time to get a friend to come move the microwave for me and could they please put it back in the corner when they were done. And you know what? They did.

And what’s particularly nice is that my kitchen is mostly cleaned for the weekend. Sure, there was a random screw on my kitchen rug, but my microwave was in its corner. Life is good.


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