Buona Pasqua

March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! Except to Maria because she’s Greek. I’ll wish her a happy Easter in a few more weeks, on Facebook, so you probably won’t see it here. Happy Lent, Maria!

It was a very nice Easter. My parents came over and brought all of the food. Obviously, I can’t complain about that! And, for those of you who are gluten-free, my mom has found a pound cake recipe that tastes and feels like proper pound cake. (Gluten-free frequently has a mouth-feel that makes you wish it had gluten.) We had lunch and then watched a movie and that was our day.

We’re thinking a repeat is in order for next year. As my mom noted, we probably don’t have to do an Easter egg search next year. I agreed that six months is a little young for that. How I’ll handle the following year, I haven’t figured out yet. But religion, faith, spirituality? I think that’s a blog post unto itself. Or more likely, a series of them.


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